Must have iPhone Apps for Real Estate

Favorite iPhone Apps for Real EstateIts been 2 months now since my love affair with my iPhone first began.  It started out casual and innocent enough but has grown into so much more than a Real Estate agent and her phone relationship.  

My old phone was used for primarily one purpose which was to make and receive calls and take voicemail messages.  Nothing else. The phone did increase my productivity by allowing me to be mobile but that was it. 

The iPhone does answer calls like my old phone did but it does much much more.  With over 75,000+ Apps available in the App Store at times it is rather daunting shifting through them to locate the ones that are useful because there are a good share of junk Apps too.

I can truthfully say I have deeply fallen in LOVE with my iPhone.  It and its APPs have significantly increased my productivity.  I know the iPhone is not going to be the best phone for all professions but if you are a Real Estate Agent you need to get the iPhone. It is the best smart phone available.

Must have iPhone Apps for Real Estate:

Charter Agent – Extremely useful financial App that estimate buyers closing costs and monthly payments and it can create estimated sellers net sheets.

iPod– Increase your productivity during your drive time by listening to educational real estate podcasts.  Some of my favorite real estate podcasts are “The Week in Real Estate” , “RETomato Radio“, and “The Tech Byte”.

Mail – Clients expect you to respond quickly to email and not at the end of the day when you are back  in your office.  Getting email on your phone gives you the tool to provide better customer service. 

MLS (Multiple Listing Service) – On the way to the house you made an appointment to view another house catches your buyers eye

Offender Locator – Answers your buyers question of “How many sex offenders live close by this house?”

Evernote – I am still discovering how to use this organizer / note taker to its full potential. You can create to do lists via voice and text plus send photos.  No need to worry about pens to write a note as long as you have your iPhone with you.  

365 Holidays – Before writing in the closing date on your real estate contract quickly check to see if the date falls on a Holiday. 

Compass – Easily answer your clients questions of which direction the front door is facing or easily identify which rooms in the house are going to receive the most sun exposure and be the hardest to cool. 

Around Me – uses your location and provides a list of nearby grocery stores, hospitals, and restaurants.  If its time for lunch and your buyers want Chinese food use this App to find the closest Chinese restaurant in Spring Texas

Flashlight – Not as bright as a regular flashlight but will help you find the keyhole of the front door when you are having to show your buyers a home at night. 

Camera – Do your buyers want to be able to remember a unique feature of a house but realize they forgot their camera?  No worries.  Just snap a couple of quick photos with your iPhone.

Maps – Easier to transport and use than the GPS in your car this APP will pinpoint your location and provide you directions to the next house on your house hunting tour.

Calendar – Before parting ways with your buyer plan a date for your next house hunting outing.  No need to wait until you get back to the office and check your calendar.  The calendar also syncs up with Microsoft Office.

Pizza Hut – A must have App for when the showings for your buyers run late and you just don’t feel like cooking.  The great thing about this App is Pizza Hut gives you a 20% discount on your order when you use the App.

What are your favorite iPhone APPs real estate related or non-real estate related?