New Year … New sellers disclosure

A  new year brings lots of things. New resolutions, new opportunities, new laws, and this year a new seller’s disclosure from the Texas Association of Realtors. Well …. maybe not quite new but changed.

Effective on the first day of 2010, changes to TAR-1406 (the Seller’s Disclosure Notice) will be made to ….

  • Section 5 – Are you (Seller) aware of any of the following:  Any lawsuits or other legal proceedings directly or indirectly affecting the Property –   Additional clarifying language will be added to further define legal proceedings as divorce, bankruptcy, or foreclosure.
  • Additional Notices to Buyer: (4) The following providers currently provide service to the property: Electric, Sewer, Water, Cable, Trash, Natural Gas, Local Phone, and Propane – Additional lines will be added for the sellers to provide the telephone number in addition to the name of the service providers.

Neither one of these changes are major but they should both help Spring Texas real estate transactions go a little smoother.  I know buyers will be grateful to have the phone numbers of the utility providers.  As sometimes setting up the utilities turns out to be the most frustrating and difficult part of the entire move.

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