Spring Texas Real Estate Taxes – Top 3 things you need to know

Top 3 things you need to know about Spring Texas real estate taxes:

spring texas property taxes1.  You did NOT file for your homestead exemption at closing.  Although you signed a pile of documents when you closed on your Spring Texas house, the homestead exemption form was not one of them.  You can only file for the homestead exemption between January 1st – April 30th of the tax year.

If you are uncertain if your account has a homestead exemption, then go to either the Harris County Appraisal District website or the Montgomery County Appraisal District website.  Any exemptions you have filed for and have been granted will be reflected on your tax account.

2. You can dispute the tax assessed value of your home.  Either Harris County or Montgomery County Appraisal District will send you a notice of the appraised value for tax purposes of your Spring Texas house.  You do not have to accept the appraisal district’s appraised value of your house.  You can either dispute the value yourself or you can hire a tax firm such as O’Connor & Associates to do it for you.

3.  You may owe more taxes than what’s in your escrow account.  The amount being deposited into your escrow account each month is based upon your Spring Texas real estate taxes for the previous year. If the tax rates increase or the tax assessed value of your property increases for the current year, you will owe more real estate taxes than what’s in your escrow account.

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