Buying a house – Beware of what you say on Facebook

Are you one of the 1 billion people who are on Facebook? If you are buying or selling a Spring Texas house, beware of what you’re sharing on Facebook because you could be weakening your negotiating power.

Over the weekend, one of my Facebook friends, she’s really more like an acquaintance, had liked a link.

The link showed up in my News Feed and in the News Feeds of her 1,174 other friends. The link which is to the right was to a virtual tour of a house for sale in the Spring / Woodlands area which is currently on the market for a list price of $399,900.

One of my friend’s friends had posted the link along with status above on her Facebook wall. I scratched out the address of the listing because I didn’t want to weaken my friend’s friend negotiating power any further than what she already had.

If you were the sellers of this Spring Texas house what would you think? If I was the listing agent, I would tell the sellers we just found the right buyer for their house. As the buyer who considers it to be her “dream house” will undoubtedly pay more than a buyer who is not emotionally attached to it.

My friend’s friend probably thought she was just sharing a virtual tour of her Spring Texas “dream house” with her 178 Facebook friends. I don’t think she knew she was also sharing it with the 1,175 friends of one of her Facebook friends.

Now I get that Facebook is all about sharing. But depending upon your the security levels of your account and the security levels of your friends accounts you could end up sharing information directly with the sellers of your dream house. So beware of what you share on Facebook.