Not knowing your subdivision’s deed restrictions can be costly!

You just moved in to your new Spring TX home and now you are ready to personalize it. But wait before you do you better check your subdivision’s deed restrictions. Deed restrictions are enforced by your HOA and are meant to protect yours and your neighbors Spring TX property values.

If you want to make exterior changes, additions, improvements and/or alternations to your property they must first be submitted in writing and approved by the HOA’s Architectural Control Committee (ACC). If you do not receive ACC approval before personalizing your property and later the ACC determines your enhancement is in violation of the deed restrictions, you will be required to bring your property back into compliance. The bad news is the expense to bring your property back into compliance will be borne by you.

deed restrictions spring texasThe majority of Spring Texas subdivisions have deed restrictions. Some of the items that you may find identified in the HOA’s deed restrictions has being prohibited are wall and window A/C units, colored staining or colored varnishing of fences, and fences over a certain defined height.  If your dream was to raise chickens or hogs or horses or other livestock, you need to check your subdivision’s deed restrictions.  The majority of Spring Texas neighborhoods deed restrictions prohibit raising of livestock.

Some of the items that require ACC approval are the removal of a tree that is not dead or diseased, the addition of a Gazebo, pool or patio cover, adding another concrete section to your driveway, the painting or staining of concrete, and the paint color to be used on the exterior of the house which would also include the front door.

If you have your heart set on a particular use or change that you want to make to your Spring Texas home, it is best to review the HOA’s deed restrictions before you purchase the home. You certainly do not want to move in thinking that you are going to park your boat in your driveway only to find out later it is against deed restrictions.

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