What is a Texas Basement?

I grew up in the Midwest and in our house we had a basement. I would have to say that our basement’s main purposes of use was for storage and it was a hang out room for us kids. In the summer, we spent a lot of time in the basement because it was always the coolest spot in the house.

texas basement in spring texas homeIn Spring Texas our homes do not have the typical underground basements because the water table is too high or in other words the soil depth is too thin making it unpractical. So the question begs “what do we do for storage space and where in the house do the kids hang out?”. You will find that a lot of people use at least one bay of their garage for storage. Some homes do have what is called a “Texas Basement” which is used for storage.

A Texas Basement is floored attic space that is typically accessible via a hallway or closet on the second floor. In some homes, the Texas Basement is accessible via a separate stairways in the garage and the floored attic space is the space above the garage. Pictured is a Texas Basement in a Spring Texas home.

As for the space in the house for the kids to hang out, that is the game room. In Spring Texas, we have plenty of homes with game rooms. We do not have as many homes with a Texas Basement.  But we are starting to see more Texas Basements or hidden storage rooms in Spring Texas new homes.

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