Top 10 Reasons to have your home on the market during the Holidays

Many Spring Texas sellers want to take their homes off the market during the Holidays. But before you do consider the following:

Top 10 Reasons to have your home on the market during the Holidays:

  1. Spring TX holiday homeBuyers shopping during the Holidays are more motivated than “normal” buyers. Increasing the probability that a showing will result in an offer.
  2. Your home is never more inviting and beautiful as it is during the Holidays. Allowing potential buyers to view your home during this time let’s them picture their own family life in the wonderful setting that you have created.
  3. Not all buyers celebrate the same Holidays. If you take your home off the market during the Holidays, you could miss out on a potential buyer.
  4. There are fewer homes on the market. Fewer homes translates into less competition.
  5. Buyers have additional vacation days providing them with time to shop and move into their new home.
  6. Buyers are typically more emotional during the Holidays. The buyers may be more reasonable on negotiations and repairs.
  7. Buyers want to spend the Holidays in their new home.
  8. Buyers can qualify for a property tax incentive if they close and occupy their home before the end of the year.
  9. Relocating families do not have a choice when they can leave for their new destination. Don’t miss out on a buyer relocating to Spring Texas by having your house off the market.
  10. The Spring Texas weather in November and December is very pleasant. Great for buyers to be out viewing homes all day.

Keep your Spring Texas home on the market during the Holidays, because it will not sell if it is off the market.