Spring TX Real Estate: How is the Market?

Based upon what the national media has been saying, you have to believe that the real estate market everywhere is terrible. Just the other day, I received a call from a potential buyer who was going to be relocating to Spring Texas. He said that he thought that I would just love to work with him because I was probably not busy. I was puzzled. He continued on saying that based upon how slow he has heard the real estate market is, he thought for sure that I would just jump at the chance to help him.

He was right that I would love to help him but not for the reason he thought. Not because I am not busy, but because he was a highly qualified buyer with an immediate need.

Now the thing about the national media is they are just that NATIONAL. Real Estate on the other hand is LOCAL. What the potential buyer had heard about the national real estate market is not how our local Spring Texas real estate market is fairing.

How is the Spring TX Real Estate market? Good!!

  • 2007 was the second best year on record for the real estate market in the Houston Texas area, according to the Houston Association of Realtors. 2006 was the best year on record.
  • Stable and growing employment – Houston employment continues to grow at a faster pace than the rest of the nation. Oil prices should remain strong keeping job growth strong and in turn creating demand for the homes.
  • 2008 projected to be third best year on record for our local real estate market.
  • Interest rates are near historic lows making this a good time to purchase a home.
  • Stable housing prices – Our market has experienced slow and steady growth over the last several years making it a stable market. We have not had the high price appreciation and large depreciation that has caused havoc in other markets.
  • Affordable housing prices – The median home price is $152,000.

The word has gotten out about the affordability of living in Spring Texas. We are constantly helping people who are relocating to Spring Texas. We would love to help you too. But not because the market is terrible and we are slow.

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