Top 5 benefits of having a Spring Texas buyer’s agent

Before 1994, buyer’s agency did not exist in Texas.  All real estate agents worked for the seller as either the listing agent or the seller’s subagent.  Nobody in the real estate transaction was representing and watching out for the best interests of the homebuyer.

Fast forward 15 years and buyer’s agency still is not available in all states which is a shame.  Without buyer’s agency a homebuyer does not have anyone they can truly trust.

The Top 5 Benefits of having a Spring Texas Buyer’s Agent are:

1.  Someone working for you. The listing agent (the agent whose name is on the yard sign) represents the seller. His job is to find a buyer for that home.  The builder’s rep. represents the builder. His job is to find a buyer for that builders homes.  Neither the listing agent nor the builder representative’s job is to work for and represent you, the homebuyer.  Yes, I would agree the majority of listing agents and builder representatives are nice people. Nice people whose job it is protect the interests of the seller or the builder, NOT the interests of the homebuyer.

Who works for the homebuyer?  A buyer’s agent does. While the listing agent and the builder’s rep. are trying to sell  a specific home, the job of a buyer’s agent is not to sell a specific home but instead help you find the “right home”.

2. Works for FREE.  A buyer’s agent does not exactly work for free but in Spring Texas the builder or the seller pays for the services of the buyer’s agent.  The builder and seller have agreed upon in advance to bear the cost of the buyer’s agent and it is considered an ordinary cost of the real estate transaction. The homebuyer receives the benefit of having someone working solely for him and at no cost to him.

finding-the-perfect-spring-texas-home3. Can show you any and all homes.  A builder’s rep. can show you only the homes of the builder he works for.  He can not show you the homes of another builder.  A buyer’s agent can show you all Spring Texas new construction homes regardless of which builder constructed the home.

Your buyer’s agent can also show you all of the resale homes on the market.  It does not matter which broker the home is listed with nor whose name is on the yard sign. Your buyer’s agent can show you all available Spring Texas homes for sale.

4. Identifies how the home’s features will impact future resale value.  A buyer’s agent knows which of the home’s features are in demand by buyers and will positively impact tomorrow’s resale value.  A listing agent nor a builder’s rep. is going to point out the fact that the home backs to commercial and it will negatively impact the home’s resale value.  Why? Because their job is to sell that specific home with its warts and all.

5. Negotiating on your behalf.  A buyer’s agent can effectively negotiate on the homebuyer’s behalf with the listing agent or the builder’s rep.  The listing agent can’t negotiate with the seller for you because the listing agent has already agreed to represent the seller in the negotiations.  The builder’s rep. can’t negotiate with the builder on your behalf because he’s an employee of the builder and paid to represent the builder.