Air conditioners should be neither seen nor heard

spring-texas-homes-air-conditionersWhen I was out previewing new construction homes in Spring Texas for a buyer, I saw something I had never seen before.  Located in the backyard, right outside the home’s breakfast room window were two big air conditioners.

I have seen air conditioners before but not air conditioners located in a home’s backyard.  So I wondered what could have possibly possessed the builder to place the air conditioners in what seems like such an illogical place to me?

Drainage was the answer I received.  Due to the small amount of space between homes, the side yards were not properly draining.  The builder decided the least expensive way to resolve the drainage problem was to relocate the air conditioners from the side yard to the backyard.

I am not a home builder just a home owner but I can think of other ways to resolve drainage issues because in my opinion air conditioners should be neither seen nor heard.  If you are a light sleeper or don’t want a view of air conditioners, check to see where the home’s air conditioners are located before you enter into a real estate contract on a home.

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