How to save money on your electric bills

saving money on electricityThese days  saving money is back in vogue as conversations have shifted from “I spent $250 on this brand name bag”  to “I saved $100 and got a great deal on this bag”.  I love saving money maybe not quite as much as I enjoy spending money but I do enjoy getting a good deal.  The easier a company or service makes the process of saving money the more I enjoy saving money.

If you are looking for an easy and I do mean easy way to save money on your electric bills, go to and compare the rate plans offered by the electric companies.  The information on the web site is unbiased and is a free service provided by the Public Utility Commission of Texas.

If you are relocating to Spring Texs, you may not be a aware that our electricity service has been deregulated allowing us to choose who we want to provide our service.  I recently switched our electricity provider to Kinetic Energy.  I locked in a rate of $0.0985 per kilowatt hour for a 1-year term.  A savings of 28% over my previous 2-year term fixed rate whose term had come to an end.

Within 30 minutes, I had researched the plans, identified the true cost of the month fees associated with some of the programs, and signed up to switch my electric provider online.  I incurred no interruption in service and the first bill which I received last week was correct.  Go to and check it out. It’s an easy way to save money on your home’s monthly electric bill.