Top 9 things home buyers have in common with Santa Claus

santa-claus-and-homebuyers-both-have-listsSince I am in a holiday mood, I was looking for a fun way to combine real estate and the holidays. My idea …. create a Top 9 list of things Spring Texas homebuyers have in common with Santa Claus.  I was hoping to come up with a Top 10 list but try as I might I could only come up with a Top 9 list. Just like David Letterman’s Top 10 Lists some of the items on the list are funnier than others. So if you have to force a laugh on a couple of the items I understand.

Top 9 things Spring Texas home buyers have in common with Santa Claus:

9.  In Dreams.  Sellers dream about finding a buyer for their house.  Girls and boys dream about Santa Claus and his sack of toys.

8. Tempted by Treats.  Sellers tempt home buyers to purchase their house by offering to pay closing costs or including flat screen televisions.  Girls and boys put out cookies and milk to tempt Santa into leaving them more toys.

7.  Jolly.  Home buyers are happy about purchasing a home and the big guy, well they don’t call him “Jolly Old St. Nick” for nothing.

6. Gift list. My home buyer clients and Santa Claus both have my name at the top of their gift list.

5. Helpers.  Real Estate Agents, Loan Officers, Home Inspectors, Surveyors, Appraisers, and Escrow Officers work together to help buyers find, purchase, and close on a home.  Santa has many many elves helping him.

4. Budgets.  The monthly mortgage payment has to fit within the home buyers budget.  Santa has a defined budget he has to stay within.  Wait a minute … Santa doesn’t buy the toys because the elves make them. So there is no budget.  Okay, maybe only home buyers have budgets.

3. Schedules. Home buyers have numerous tasks to complete by specified dates to meet their scheduled closing date. Santa has a schedule he needs to keep if he is going to get all those toys delivered in one night. 

2.  Lists.  Home buyers make lists of the wants and needs they have for a home. Not as exciting as Santa’s list of the nice and naughty but they are lists just the same. 

1.  Changes.  After further consideration, home buyers often change the needs and wants on their list.  Santa changes his mind too.  Its when Santa checked his list twice that he remembered Bobby had put gum in Suzie’s hair and Bobby was quickly moved from the nice to the naughty list. 

If you didn’t get a chuckle out of at least one item on the list, then please accept my apologies.  My husband does say I am not as funny as I think I am.