New iPhone App estimates FICO score

iphone FICO score AppThe number of iPhone Apps just got larger with the introduction of the MyFICO credit score estimator.  The MyFico App quickly estimates your credit score based upon the answers you provide to 10 multiple choice questions.

The questions are about the number of credit cards you have, how long ago you got your first credit card and first loan, how many loans or credit cards you have recently applied for, how many your loans and/or credit cards have balances and what are those balances, if you have missed any payments or have overdue balances, and whether you have gone through a bankruptcy or foreclosure in the last 10 years.

Since I recently pulled my own FICO score, I decided to put the myFICO credit score estimator to the test and assess its accuracy.  The result … my actual FICO score was within the estimated range of the MyFICO credit score estimator.  Granted it is a fairly large range but in its defense it is only meant to be an estimation of your credit score and not your actual credit score. 

If you are thinking about buying a house in Spring Texas but are concerned your credit is not good enough, give the MyFICO credit estimator a try.  It will at least give you a general idea of your credit score.  You will need a credit score of at least a 600 and possibly a 620 to qualify for a loan on a Spring Texas home.  These days the majority of mortgage lenders require a minimum of a 620 credit score for FHA loans.

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