How thinking it over may cost you money or worse … the house

You have been looking online at Spring Texas homes for sale for months.  You narrowed down the possibilities and battled the heat and viewed your top choices.  Now, you believe you have found “the one”.  The home that stands out from all the rest of the homes. The home you can visualize living in and your family growing up in.

Finding the Perfect HouseBut instead of heading directly to your real estate agent’s office, you decide you want to think it over.  Understandable. It’s a big purchase. Besides the Spring Texas real estate market is slow.  And the house has already been on the market for 147 days so what’s a few more days. Although your rationale for delaying is logical, it may end up in costing you money or the house. How?

Today, your house … the house that is “the one” is available.  But what we don’t know is how many other buyers consider this house to be “the one” for them. They may have viewed it yesterday or last week and they too may have needed some time to think it over.  Now they are done with their thinking and are ready to put in an offer on the house.

Since you decided to “think it over”, you just put yourself into a multiple offer situation. Sellers LOVE mulitiple offers because it typically translates into one buyer outbidding the other buyer.  The sellers receive more money while it costs the buyers more money.

If you are okay with the idea that “thinking it over” may cost you more money for the house, then ask yourself if you are willing to take the risk of losing the Spring Texas house. Sometimes it is not all about the money to the sellers. The other buyer may have offered terms that are more attractive to the sellers, such as no contingencies, or a quicker close, or more earnest money. Terms that are important to the sellers causing them to choose the other offer instead of your offer.

Once you find the Spring Texas house that is “the one”, don’t delay.  Delays can cost you money or worse the house.

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