The secret to getting your house to appraise for the sales price

You and the buyers have agreed to a sales price on your Spring Texas house. Granted, the price is not what you wanted to sell the house for and its probably not what you believe it’s worth but you know it’s time to move on. So you are packing boxes and planning your move.

low appraisals of Spring Texas housesNow it’s time for the appraisal.  You have heard all kinds of stories about low appraisals and appraisers not being familiar with home values in the area which has made you nervous.  And it has you wondering if your house will appraise?  And if there is anything you can do to assure that it does appraise?

The secret to getting your Spring Texas house to appraise for the sales price is to help the appraiser do his job. The appraiser does not know your house as intimately as you do.  He does not know you replaced the A/C and furnace last year. He does not know you replaced the roof 2 years ago. He does not know you installed hardwoods in the study 3 years ago. He does not know you received multiple offers on your house.

All of these items impact the value of your Spring Texas house and the only way the appraiser is going to know about them is if you tell him.  Put together a list of all the interior features, upgrades, and enhancements of your house and make it available to the appraiser.  The appraiser wants to do a good job.  If you help the appraisal by providing information about your home, a better and higher appraised value will be the outcome.