Does the seller have to disclose prior inspections on the home?

Per page 4 of the Texas Association of Realtors Seller’s Disclosure Notice, Spring Texas home sellers are required to disclose if within the last 4 years they received any written inspections on their home.

sellers disclosure of previous inspections

Spring Texas home sellers do not have to disclose if prior inspections were performed on the home.  They only have to disclose inspections that occurred within the last 4 years, were written, and received. A previous interested buyer could have performed inspections on the house. But unless the previous buyers gave a copy of the inspection report to the seller, the seller does not have anything to disclose.

If the sellers do have a written inspection report, you should carefully review it but you should not rely upon it. The condition of the property could have further deteriorated from the date of the inspection or improved if the sellers made repairs. Plus the inspection was provided for someone else.  What if the inspector missed a material default of the property?  You did not hire the inspector so how could you hold the inspector responsible for not identifying the default?

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