What stays and what goes?

What customarily goes or stays with the sale of a house varies from state to state. Thus before your purchase a Spring Texas house it’s best to find out what stays and what goes with the house.

What stays and what goes when you are selling your Spring Texas home?

what's included in the purchase of a Spring Texas houseStays:

  • Curtains, rods, blinds, valances, window treatments
  • light fixtures, chandeliers, ceiling fans
  • built-in closet systems
  • decorative shelves, storage shelves, all items that look as if they are permanently attached to the wall
  • landscaping
  • pool equipment
  • fireplace screen
  • brackets and mounts for wall mounted televisions
  • built-in stereo speakers
  • built-in entertainment centers, built-in bookcases
  • wall softener systems
  • artificial fireplace logs
  • solar screens
  • undercabinet mounted CD players


  • Refrigerator
  • Washer and Dryer
  • Personal possessions
  • wall art, pictures, clocks, mirrors (but not bathroom mirrors)
  • wall mounted televisions

Maybe Stays or Maybe Goes (Up for interpretation):

  • Potted plants
  • Playground equipment / Playsets

Any of the items that are listed as “Stays” can change into a “Goes” if both buyers and sellers agree to exclude them from the transaction and they are listed as exclusions on the real estate contract.

If you are selling your home, my advice is to before you put your house on the Spring Texas real estate market take down everything you want to take with you.  If the buyers don’t see the fabulous light fixture that you searched for months to find, they won’t want it to stay with  the house.