How long before the sellers respond?

When you submit an offer on a house in Spring Texas, how long does it take before the sellers respond?  Depends on when you submit the offer and who the seller is.

If the house is a Foreclosure, Short Sale, or Corporate Relocation, it is owned by a corporation. The people who make the decisions for the corporation work 8 to 5 pm Monday – Friday.  Thus if you submit an offer outside of the normal work days and hours, the earliest you will hear a response is the next work day.

The people who handle Corporate Relocation houses are pretty quick and will typically respond to your offer by the next business day.  On Foreclosures, the typical wait time is between 2 to 10 business days. If you submit an offer on a Short Sale, you better be willing to be patient. We sometimes don’t receive a response on a Short Sale until 60 days after the offer was submitted.

If the Spring Texas house is owned by an individual, the response time is usually significantly quicker. Although the seller is under no obligation to respond within a specified time frame, the majority of sellers will respond to your offer within 24 hours.

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