What about the pets?

Selling your home, whether it’s located in Spring Texas or Katmandu, is not fun. It’s a hassle, it’s stressful, and down right inconvenient. It would be so much easier if buyers would just look at the photos of your house and then submit an offer. Some day that may actually happen but until it does, buyers want to view your house in person.

As a seller you want buyers to feel comfortable and spend as much time as possible in your home.

You want buyers to envision themselves living in your home and do to that you have to leave for showings.  But what about your pets?  What are you going to do with them during showings?

Unless you’re including your pets in the sale of your Spring Texas house, they need to be made invisible during showings.

But what’s that you say … your pets will be fine during showings because they are friendly. Maybe or maybe not.

Let me share some of my personal experiences on showing homes with pets ….

1. Two big fat cats were left free to roam the house.  My buyer opened the door to the attic to see if there was any available storage.  Big fat cat came out of nowhere and ran straight into the attic. We spent the next 15 minutes trying to get one cat out of the attic and keep the other cat from going into the attic.

2. “Friendly” dog in the house. Before entering the house, we rang the doorbell. “Friendly” dog did not like us ringing the doorbell. He loudly let us know that this house was his house.  We decided not to enter his kingdom and went to view the next house on our list.

3. “Friendly” dogs in crate in bedroom. As soon as we entered the house, dogs began incessantly barking. In hopes that the dogs would calm down, we viewed the backyard first. Plan didn’t work. Dogs were still incessantly barking. We couldn’t focus on the house so we left.  The house and its dogs did leave a lasting impression for the rest of the afternoon … in the form of a headache.

4. Dogs in the backyard. My clients were anxious to view the home’s backyard as it was advertised as a “Backyard Oasis”.  Unfortunately, we did not get to experience the “Backyard Oasis” because two big black German shepherds greeted us at the back door.

Your pets are great because they’re your pets. But don’t let them get in the way of you getting your Spring Texas home SOLD.

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