Top 7 Tips on showing your house

You followed all the tips and staged your Spring Texas home to sell. It is now on the market and you are impatiently awaiting that first call from the showing service saying that the buyers and their Realtor are on their way.

To get the most out of every showing of your Spring Texas home, follow these tips:

1.  Convenient – Make the showing of your home as convenient as possible to buyers. Buyers have many homes to choose from and if they can not get in to view yours they will just move on and find another home.

2.  Comfortable – Although the buyer is a guest in your home, make them feel comfortable. Don’t expect them to remove their shoes. Leave the house. The buyer can not freely look at the house and envision it as their house with you still there.

3.  Temperature– Now is not the time to worry about saving a few dollars on your heating or cooling. In Spring Texas we have plenty of warm days. On several occasions, I have had buyers not fully consider a house because it was just too warm in the house. The reverse goes on those cold days. If the temperature in the house is cold, the house will feel cold.

4.  Light it Up – Turn on every light in the house for showings. Open up all blinds and shades. Don’t expect the buyer’s Realtor to set the stage for your house. Because they won’t. Buyers want to buy light and airy homes. I have not yet had a buyer tell me that they wanted me to find them a cave.

5.  Create a Mood – Play soft music. If you have a fountain or waterfalls in your pool, turn them on.

6.  Odors turn off home buyersRemove the animals – The best thing to do, if at all possible, is to take your animals with you for showings. If your pet is dog, you may want to consider putting him in the backyard for showings. DO NOT put your dog in a kennel, if he incessantly barks. I have shown homes that the dogs barked as soon as we entered the house and did not stop until we were back down the driveway. The buyers and I both walked out with a headache and the buyers could not concentrate on the house.

7.  Control the odors – Now is not the time to be making your favorite Cod fish dish with its odor that stays in the house for two days. Odors from food, pets, and cigarette smoke are extremely offensive and you do not want the odor to be the only thing that potential buyers remember about your house. Offensive odors can also cost you money. I have had buyers who liked a house that had a strong dog odor. But because of the odor, they required that the seller pay them to have the entire house recarpeted. The two parties were not able to come to an agreement over the recarpeting of the house. The seller lost a buyer all due to an odor.

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