What’s your risk?

In 2005, when Hurricane Rita headed towards Spring Texas did you stay or did you go?  In 2008, when Hurricane Ike came barreling ashore did you stay or did you go?

For both Hurricane Rita and Hurricane Ike, we waivered back and forth in our decision to stay or to go.  But ultimately we decided to stay in Spring Texas and ride out the storms. The decision to stay was the right decision.  I know a lot of people who wished they had stayed for Hurricane Rita because the mass exodus turned Interstate 45 into a parking lot.

Just in time for this year’s hurricane season, a new storm risk calculator has been released.  You can enter an address and the storm calculator estimates the risks of rainfall, power outage, storm surge, and wind damage.  The default assessment is for a Category 2 hurricane but you can adjust the strength of the hurricane up to a Category 5.

The storm calculator is an excellent tool to use in deciding whether to stay in Spring Texas or head North when the next hurricane comes ashore.

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