Why are they selling?

As a Spring Texas buyer’s agent, I am asked a lot of questions about the houses I am showing.  The two questions that I am asked the most frequently are “How many days has the house been on the market?” and “Why are they selling?”.

“How many days as the house been on the market?”  Is a quick and easy question for me to answer. I just access the Houston MLS and it shows the date the house was listed.

The question “Why are they selling?” is much more difficult for me to answer.  Since I don’t represent the sellers, I am not privy to why they are selling.

If the house is a foreclosure or a short sale or if the house is owned by a builder or the house is owned by a relocation company, the reason why they are selling is because they have an asset that they no longer have a need for.

If the house is owned by whom I will refer to as “individuals”, I may never be able to identify their reason for selling. Because “individuals” may be selling their Spring Texas home for any one of the following reasons:

  • downsizing – home is too large
  • upsizing – need a bigger home
  • divorce – no longer want to live together
  • job – new job is too far from their current house
  • don’t like the neighbors or the neighbors dogs
  • moving up – current house was their starter home and now they want a home with more amenities
  • schools – school system took a turn for the worse and they want to move into a different school district
  • don’t want to remodel – they want newer amenities but don’t want to do the work to their current house

Since I have been helping people buy homes in the Spring Texas area for the last 10 years, I know the answers to a lot of questions.  But one question that I still may not know the answer to is “Why are they selling?”

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