Not everything you read in the Houston MLS is accurate

The fine print. Locate the fine print on almost any website or advertisement and that is where you will find the disclaimer. Real estate websites including, Trulia, Zillow,, and even our own website of have disclaimers.

spring texas real estate listingsThe typical disclaimer on a real estate website is “information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed”.  Websites displaying real estate information can not guarantee the accuracy of the listing data because they didn’t collect and input the data.

Spring Texas Realtors do not deliberately misrepresent room sizes or square footages but sometimes they do make mistakes.  Sometimes Realtors will just use the set of measurements or information from the last time the Spring Texas house was listed without verifying any of the information themselves.

Bottom line – not everything you read in the Houston MLS is accurate.  As such you should not rely upon the information.  Whatever information is important to you whether it be the schools, the annual HOA fee, the room measurements, or whether the dryer connection is gas or electric, you need to verify it yourself.

Realtors are humans and as such we do make mistakes from time to time.