Should I take my home off the market during the holidays? | #RealEstateTalk

Should I take my home off the market during the holidays?

With all of the additional events and activities occurring during the holidays, it’s tempting to want to take your home off the market. Although its harder to have the house in “show ready” condition, here’s 4 good reasons to keep your house on the market during the holidays. 
1. More motivated buyers – The buyers viewing homes during the holidays are more motivated than buyers at other times of the year. These buyers are interrupting their holidays to view homes. They have a desire to purchase now. The urgency to purchase may be because of a lease ending or divorce or relocation or desire to want to lock in a low mortgage interest rate. 
2. Less competition – With fewer homes on the market during the holidays, there’s less competition. Less competition increases the opportunities your home has to find the right buyer.
3. Relocation Buyers – Oil and gas companies relocate employees year round. Relocation doesn’t wait until after the holidays. The job needs filled and an employee is transferred. Leave your house on the market and snag a relocation buyer. 
4. Not all buyers are saying Ho Ho Ho – Houston is home to the most ethnic diverse population in the U.S. and not all buyers celebrate the same holidays. While you’re saying Ho Ho Ho, it may be lights out for the right buyer of your house. 
If you are serious about selling your home, keep it on the market during the holidays. I can’t guarantee it will sell during the holiday. But I can guarantee it WON’T sale if you take it off the market.