What happens on closing day?

What happens on closing day?  Closing day details:  The what, when, and where. You are ready know the why. 

What happens on closing day? On closing day, you will perform a final walk thru of the house. You will confirm the house is in the same condition as it was on the day you went under contract on it.  The final walk thru should take about 30 minutes. After the final walk thru it’s on to the title company
Where do I go to close on a home? In Spring Texas closings occur at title companies. The date and time of the closing will be established a week in advance. 
How long does the closing take? The closing will take about an hour. It’s during this time that you are signing the loan documents and the other closing documents. The loan documents are sent to your lender for review. Once your lender signs off on the accuracy of the documents, he will wire the funds you are borrowing. 
When will I know how much money I need to bring to closing? About 3 days before closing your lender will inform you of the funds that you will need to bring to closing. You will either wire the funds to the title company or bring the funds with you in the form of a cashiers check. 
When will I get the keys to my new house? After both you and the seller have signed the closing documents and the funds needed to close on the property have been provided to the title company, the ownership of the property has officially changed hands from seller to buyer. You will now receive the keys to your new house. You should receive your keys on the same day that you close on your house. 
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