Spring Texas Real Estate website gets a makeover

With the help of our new friend, Jim Cronin, and his colleagues at the Real Estate Tomato, our Spring Texas real estate website received a MAJOR makeover. A mere cut here and a tuck there would not do. Instead we went all the way back to the drawing board and took a clean slate approach.

Back to the drawing board for Spring Texas real estate siteBased upon the feedback from our clients and readers of our blog, we knew what we needed to build. And it was a blogsite. A blog that provided fresh articles on real estate, schools, property taxes, and local happenings in the Spring Texas area. And a website that provided easy and multiple ways to search for homes, save favorite searches, receive email alerts of new listings, and had in-depth profiles of Spring Texas Neighborhoods with lots of photos.

We are THRILLED with the new look and functionality. But you be the judge. Drop us a quick note or comment on this post and let us know if the makeover was a success.

But we are not done yet with our makeover. We have several additional enhancements and content scheduled to be implemented within the next couple of months. So if you like what you see ….. STAY TUNED. Because it is only going to get better.