Is your home inviting?

Or does your home scare away more buyers than a haunted house does trick or treaters on Halloween?

If you have your home on the real estate market, you need for it to look inviting and cheerful. But you could be scaring away buyers without even knowing it.

How ???  By your home’s photos. Buyers make decisions upon which homes to view based upon its photos.

Do the photos of your home’s listing look inviting?   Or were they taken on a dark dreary overcast day that makes your house look like its possessed?  Is your house subliminally sending a message of STAY AWAY because all of its blinds are closed and the window treatments are drawn.

What about the interior photos? Can you identify which rooms the photos are taken of? Or do the photos make you wonder what’s lurking in the dark?

What about the subject matter of the photos?  Do the photos showcase the animals you bagged on your latest hunting expedition or your prized sword collection or your son’s collection of Freddy Kruger posters?

High quality photos will bring buyers through your doors while bad photos will scare buyers away. If no buyers are knocking on your home’s doors, review the listing photos of your home.  And ask yourself if your home says “COME ON IN” or “STAY AWAY”.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN from Jill and Rick  –  Spring Texas Realtors

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