Merry Christmas

Christmas is my most favorite holiday. The season is filled with so many wonderful things ……. joyous music, twinkling lights, cards filled with glad tidings from friends near and far, sparkling decorations, Christmas themed programs, plays, concerts, movies, and television programs, traditions, delicious appetizers, dishes, cookies and sweets that are only made and enjoyed once a year, gatherings of friends and family, and the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. 

Rick and I will be spending Christmas with my family in Illinois. There will be a little less underneath the tree this year but that doesn’t matter. Because I would have already received the only gift I need and that was to be able to spend Christmas with my husband and family.  Who knows?  We may even be blessed with a White Christmas.  

Spending Christmas in Spring TX



Merry Christmas

    from Jill and Rick

 We hope all your dreams come true



 If you want to view one of the most spectacular Christmas light displays around Houston TX, we recommend you take a drive through the Prestonwood Forest subdivision. These home owners really know how to decorate their homes.