State law prohibits cell phone use in Spring TX school zones

cell phone use prohibited in school zonesIf you use your cell phone when driving around the Spring Texas area, then you need to be aware of a state law that went into effect today.  As of September 1st, cell phone use has become prohibited in school zones. 

For the law to be enforceable a cell phone use prohibited sign must be posted.  As of 10:00 am, the sign to the left had already been posted at Roth Elementary and by the end of the day I noticed numerous school zones in the Klein School District had posted signs.

Considering the large quantity of motorists I regularly see talking on their cell phones, I suspect this law is going to be difficult for many of them to get use to.  I know at least one motorist became much more aware of the new law today as I saw her getting pulled over in the Haude Elementary school zone on Louetta for talking on her cell phone.  Breaking of the law comes with a fine of up to $200 which I am not quite sure how the “UP TO” portion works but I am not going to personally find out. 

Many states have laws prohibiting cell phone use while driving not just while driving in a school zone.  So I think I can change my calling habits enough to wait the few minutes it takes to drive through a school zone before I place a call.

For a look at the state cell phone driving laws in individual states visit the Governor’s Highway Safety Association.