Rugs – Are they hiding something?

Is the rug hiding a red wine stainRugs serve many purposes.  They can help pull a room together or add warmth to a cold floor or hide all sorts of nasty stains or cover a thread bare carpet. The purpose a rug serves is as different as the homes they are located in.

When I work with home sellers I encourage them to pick up their rugs and store them away while their house is on the Spring Texas real estate market.  Partially because rooms look larger without the rugs and secondly I want to know if there is a stain, red wine or something else, hiding underneath.

The Texas Association of Realtors sellers disclosure does not require the sellers to disclose carpet stains or thread bare carpets.  Although the sellers are required to disclose if they are aware of any defects or malfunctions in the floors. Are carpet stains or a carpet in bad condition considered a defect or malfunction in the floor?  Probably not.

Although I would prefer the condition of the carpet or flooring that’s underneath the rug not to be left up to interpretation as to whether it should have been disclosed.  The buyers are eventually going to see the condition of what lies beneath the rug.  It is just a matter of when.  Will the buyers see the true carpet condition before they place an offer on your house or will it not be until right before closing when the buyers are doing their final walk-thru?

To avoid a potential last minute issue, I recomend you let buyers see your house as it truly is red wine stains on the carpet and all in the very beginning.

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