What’s the traffic like?

traffic in Spring TexasWhen Rick and I are working with buyers relocating to Spring Texas from another state or maybe just from another part of Houston, a common question we will get is “What’s the traffic like?”  This is one tough question for us to answer.

As Spring Texas Realtors, our jobs have us traveling the streets of Spring Texas at various hours of the day and various days of the week. What’s the traffic like on Louetta, FM 2920, Spring Cypress, or Kuykendahl is a question we can answer because these are the roads we constantly travel.  What’s the traffic like into downtown Houston or on the Beltway or into the Medical Center in the morning is a question we don’t have enough personal experience to answer.

So how do you get the answers you need to the drive time questions?  If you are in the early stages of your house hunting process and still considering areas, a good source of  information on drive times is the Houston Transtar Traffic Maps.  The maps provide roadway speeds and travel times will you can use to calculate commute times.

The map to the right shows what the traffic was like at 5:15 pm on a recent Wednesday.  Click on the map for a closer view or go to the Houston Transtar Traffic website  for a current view of traffic.

After you have narrowed down the areas you would like to live in, we recommend you do a test drive from your work to the subdivisions in Spring Texas you are considering.  This is the best way to find out what the commute is like and how long your commute will be.

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