My House, My Rules

I remember my parents saying “My House, My Rules” a lot when I was a kid.  It was their common response to my questions of “why can’t I eat in the living room?” and “why can’t I put my feet on the coffee table?” and “why do I have to take off my boots by the back door?”Shoes

The other day when I was out with clients showing homes in Spring Texas, I felt as if I had been transported back to my childhood. But this time instead of my parents it was the sellers saying “My House, My Rules”.  The sellers didn’t say exactly that but it was pretty darn close.  As they said “Take off your shoes at the front door.” My clients responded like a couple of rebellious teenagers and refused to take off their shoes.

What the sellers had forgotten was their house is on the real estate market.  And when your house is on the market, your house is no longer your house.  It is a product. A product that you are wanting to sell.  And if you want to sell that product you need be able to make buyers see themselves as owners of that product.  The best way to do this is to make them feel comfortable viewing it.  These sellers did the exact opposite.  As my buyers immediately felt uncomfortable viewing the house.

Maybe its the sellers customs to take off your shoes upon entering a home or maybe they just had the carpets cleaned. Both are good and understandable reasons as to why the sellers wanted us take of our shoes.

But I am sorry Mr. and Mrs. Seller, when your house is on the Spring Texas real estate market it is NOT about you.  Its about my buyers and about making them feel comfortable in your home. When my buyers are uncomfortable, we head to the next house on our list to view.  Buyers have plenty of houses to choose from.  Don’t eliminate your house from their list by saying “My House, My Rules”.

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