500 Characters

500 characters sounds like a lot but it’s not.  500 characters is the quantity of characters the Houston MLS system gives me to describe my listings.  500 characters that’s it. That is all I get to describe why you want to buy this particular house over all the other houses on the Spring Texas real estate market.quantity of characters available to describe spring texas real estate

It’s just not enough.  At least it’s not enough for me.  Even before I begin, I know I am going to run out of characters.  It happens to me every single time.

I get into a groove describing all the wonderful features and benefits of the house and why you would want to live in this Spring Texas house and then boom up pops the  message “You have exceeded the field limit of 500 characters.”  And I haven’t even gotten to tell you about the all the neighborhood’s park and trails, the home’s convenient location to shopping, and its low real estate taxes.

It’s while I am analyzing every single word, comma, and period I have chosen to describe my seller’s house that I become jealous of all the Spring Texas Realtors who seem to have characters to spare. Maybe you have seen the listing descriptions I speak of. They are the ones that have characters left to use on exclamation points and not one or two exclamation points but numerous exclamation points.  There are also Realtors who have characters left to say things that tell you nothing about the house such as one of my least favorites of “Honey, stop the car!”.

Maybe the Houston Association of Realtors could implement a program to allow the Realtors who have to many characters to donate them to the Realtors who do not have enough characters.  I know I could use more characters because 500 characters is just not enough.

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