The best time to trade up

Have you out grown your Spring Texas house?  Do you want to trade up but the economy keeps holding you back?  If you are financially secure and are comfortable with the status of your job, then now is a great time to trade up.

trading up to a larger Spring Texas homeThe buy-low, sell-high approach works for the stock market and for the Spring Texas real estate market.  The best time to buy is when inventories are high and the best time to sell is when inventories are low.  Our current listing inventory is 32% higher than last year making it the time to buy.

The disadvantage of selling your Spring Texas house in a down market is you are not going to sell it for as much money as you would like. But you will make up for it by getting a better deal on the higher priced home you are going to purchase. Homes in the $400,000+ range have been taken a beating and there are some really good deals available.

With record low interest rates, that more expensive house will cost you less now than if you wait for the economy to fully recover. When the economy begins to show life and upward movement again, mortgage interest rates will be following right behind and moving upward.

Trading up in a down economy is not right for everyone.  But if your job status is stable, trading up in a down economy is a smart financial move.

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