Water Towers – Do you have a favorite?

The water towers of Spring Texas: 

Spring Texas water towers

Water towers come in all shapes and sizes. The most popular shape being the Pedesphere which is the familiar “golf ball-on-a-tee” design.  You will find water towers all across the United States. As they serve an important function of providing reliable water pressure to homes and businesses.

The photos above are a sampling of some of the water towers you will see in the Spring Texas area.  Located to the west of Champion Forest Drive is the Champions water tower. Painted like a golf ball it is my favorite water tower in the Spring Texas area.

We also have water towers that support our high schools in the Klein school district.  The Klein Bearkats water tower is located north of Louetta and east of Stuebner Airline. The Klein Bearkats tower is visible from the Klein football stadium and proudly informs visiting teams that they are in Bearkat country.

The Klein Collins and Klein Oak water tower is located south of FM 2920 and east of Kuykendahl.  I don’t know why if we ran out of water towers are what the logic was but currently the two high schools have to share the same water tower.

I don’t know when or who came up with the idea of painting water towers but it was a good idea. I just wish someone would come up with an idea to make cell phone towers more appealing.

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