99% of home buyers are searching for homes on the Internet

According tSources buyers use to find Spring Texas homeso the National Association of Realtors 2010 Profile of Home Buyers and Home Sellers, 99% of home buyers are using the Internet in their search for homes.

In a short 7 years, the percentage of home buyers using the Internet to search for homes has increased from 71% to 99%.  The number will probably never reach a 100%  because I am sure you know people just like I know people that will never adopt the Internet. 

What does 99% of home buyers using the Internet to search for homes mean if you are thinking about selling your Spring Texas home?  You need to hire a Spring Texas Realtor® who heavily markets your home on the Internet.

By heavily marketing your home on the Internet, I don’t mean putting the listing into the Houston MLS and that’s it.  Yes, our Houston MLS will syndicate your listing out to numerous websites but this is just the beginning of how your home can be and should be marketed on the Internet.  That is if you want to sell it for the most money you possibly can.   And why wouldn’t you want to sell your Spring Texas house for the most money possible?

The Internet is a big place and there are literally 100s of websites that potential buyers are searching for Spring Texas homes for sale on. It’s not your job as a seller to know all of these real estate websites, it’s your Realtor’s job. 

Before you sign that listing agreement ask the Realtor if your home is going to be on Realtor.com, Google, YouTube, Facebook , and Craigslist.  In my humble opinion, even a scaled down Internet marketing plan should at least include these websites. 

While your at it ask your Realtor® how he / she is going to make your house stand out from the other houses on these websites?   Finally, ask your Realtor® what his / hers marketing strategy is for mobile applications?  Hopefully they have one.  Especially since 93% of Americans own a mobile phone and 30% own smart phones.

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