Is a part-time Realtor the best person to represent you?

Recently while at a family gathering, you told an aunt you and your husband were thinking about buying a house in Spring Texas.  Your aunt’s response was “You need to call your cousin, Joe. He’s a Realtor®”.  Cousin Joe’s a Realtor?  When did this happen?  Last you heard he was working at Home Depot.  Your aunt’s response was “Yes, Joe does still work at Home Depot. That’s his full-time job but he sells real estate part-time”.

part time realtorsBefore you dial cousin Joe’s number, ask yourself is a part-time Realtor® the best person to represent you?

1)  Will Joe be able to show you homes when it fits into your schedule?  Or will you lose the house of your dreams to another buyer because you have to schedule around Joe’s full-time job?

2) How much real estate experience does Joe have?  How much of a disadvantage does his real estate experience put you at?  Is his real estate experience equivalent to 50%, 33%, or 25% of a full-time Realtor®?

3) As a part-time Realtor®, is Joe aware of the latest rezoning of Klein schools and of new construction projects?  Things that can and do impact the future resale value of your Spring Texas home.

4) Is Joe up to date on the recent changes made to the residential real estate contract?  If not, you are in a weaker negotiating position.

When deciding upon which Spring Texas Realtor to hire, ask yourself who is going to do the best job at helping you with your largest financial purchase?  Is that person someone who practices his craft on a daily basis and does it for a living?  Or is it someone who sells real estate for supplemental income?

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