So – so house or so – so subdivision?

After searching for the perfect Spring Texas house to call home, you have finally narrowed your choices down to two houses. One house is a so – so house in a great subdivision and the other house is a great house in a so – so subdivision. Both houses have pluses and minuses and you would be perfectly happy living in either of them. Which one should you choose?

If you are making the decision purely from a future resale perspective, the best house to choose would be the one in the great subdivision.  You can always change the condition of a Spring Texas house from being a so -so house to a great house.  But you can’t, at least not by yourself, change a so – so subdivision into a great subdivision.

Which Spring Texas house will be the best for you?  Ultimately it depends upon your lifestyle. But if you do choose the house in the so – so subdivision, know it’s not the best resale decision.  But life is about more than just money.

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