Klein ISD rezones with opening of Zwink elementary

Klein rezones schools with Zwink openingTo coincide with the opening of Zwink Elementary in the fall of 2012, Klein school district recently announced the completion of their rezoning efforts. With the addition of each new school, Klein school district rezones to balance each school’s individual enrollment.

The chart to the right identifies the Spring Texas subdivisions impacted by the rezoning of Klein ISD elementary schools.

As Spring Texas continues to attract more families, the growth in school enrollment will continue. Demand for more schools to be built will continue and along with it will be the need to balance enrollment and with it comes rezoning.

When you are making your decision as to which Spring Texas home to purchase, remember you can’t control the individual schools the home is zoned to. You can only guarantee the school district the home is zoned to.

A little trivia: Zwink Elementary was named after the Zwink family who came to the United States from Germany in the late 1800s. The Zwink family were farmers who lived off of Spring Stuebner.