Harris County home values drop further in 2012

The Harris County appraisal district has finished their assessment of residential home values and not the bill but the value will soon be arriving in your mailbox.

How will your Spring Texas home fare?  Will your home’s tax value be higher, lower, or stay the same?  For the majority of Harris County homeowners the tax assessed value of their homes will remain the same for 2012. But some homeowners experienced a further decline in value in 2012. 

To the right is how the numbers break down for 2012.

If you don’t agree with the Harris County tax appraiser’s value of your Spring Texas home, you can protest its value.  You have until May 31st or 30 days after the date your property tax notice was mailed whichever was later to notify the Harris County appraisal district of your intention to protest your home’s your value.

You can either go it alone and protest the tax assessed value of your Spring Texas home yourself or you can hire a property tax advisor to do the job for you.  The majority of property tax advisors structure their fees such that if they don’t reduce your property taxes they don’t get paid.

Want to know what homes have been selling for in your Spring Texas subdivision?  Send us an email at info@DiscoverSpringTexas.com requesting the recent sold data.  Let us know whether you are in need of sold data for 1 or 2 story homes.  We will email you the last six months of sales activity for your subdivision to use in protesting your real estate taxes.

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