Should I replace the carpet or offer the buyer a carpet allowance? | #RealEstateTalk

Should I replace the carpet or offer the buyer a carpet allowance? Which option will net me the highest return?

Your carpet is old and worn and you know your house would show much better if you replaced it. But what style and what color of carpet should you replace it with? Maybe you should just provide the buyer with a carpet allowance and he can choose whichever style and color he wants and he can do it after he closes on the house. Plus giving the buyer a carpet allowance is much easier than replacing the carpet and there’s no upfront cash outlay. 

Which option, carpet allowance or carpet replacement will provide you with the highest return on the sale of your Spring Texas house?  Carpet replacement is the answer.  Yes, it means more hassle on your part as the seller. Yes, it means you have an upfront cash outlay.  

Why will carpet replacement provide you with the highest return? It’s because the buyers first impressions of your home is critical in getting your Spring Texas home sold quickly and for the highest dollar. The impression old and worn out carpet gives a buyer is this house is not in move-in ready condition. Moving is difficult enough without giving buyers more work to do. Buyers want less work and not more work.

Buyers can’t visualize what the house will look like with new carpet and they typically overestimate by 100% the cost of new carpet. Go ahead and replace the carpet. It will bring you more money on closing day. 

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