Top 30 things to do before putting your home on the market

Make your home’s “First Impression” its “Best Impression” by doing these top 30 things before putting your Spring Texas home on the market.

things to do before putting your house on the market

  1. Trim your shrubbery
  2. Add color with flowers and potted plants
  3. Power wash the front sidewalks and driveway
  4. Clean the pine needles from the roof
  5. Repaint to a neutral color walls with vivid colors
  6. Wash the windows
  7. Refinish your front door and polish the hardware
  8. Get a new door mat that says “Welcome”
  9. Clean up after your pets
  10. Organize the garage to make the space seem larger
  11. Make sure all your light bulbs are working and replace any burnt out ones
  12. Replace old, stained, worn out carpet. If they don’t need replacing have the carpets professionaly steam cleaned
  13. Remove excess furniture that make your rooms look small
  14. Wipe down the walls. If the walls need more than a thorough cleaning, apply a fresh coat of paint.
  15. Power wash the exterior of the home
  16. Set out “show towels” in the baths
  17. Clear away the items on your sink vanities and store them in the cabinet.
  18. Get as much stuff off the floors in your closets as possible. Thin out your hanging clothes. Neaten up the things on your closet shelves. These actions will make your closets look larger.
  19. Depersonalize your home. Put away family photos, sports trophies, diplomas, and your collectibles.
  20. Organize your pantry.  Remove items that are not pantry items.
  21. Remove all the items from the top of your kitchen counters. Only leave out those items that you absolutely use on a daily basis
  22. Remove everything from the top, front, and sides of the refrigerator.
  23. Repair or replace any leaky faucets
  24. Make your fireplace the focal point of the room instead of the television
  25. Repair any damage created by pets.
  26. Recaulk the grout around your shower and bathtubs
  27. Clean your tile grout
  28. Check all the ceilings for water stains. If an active leak exists repair it. If the stain is from an old repaired leak, repaint the ceiling.
  29. Dust, dust, and dust including the baseboards, ceiling fans, light fixtures, and air vents
  30.  Replace rotten wood.

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