Can a real estate agent show me any home?

Can a real estate agent show me any home? Do real estate agents charge to show homes? Should I wait for an open house before viewing a house?  These are all questions you may have regarding viewing homes. 

Can any agent show you any home?  Yes. Broker reciprocity allows real estate agents to show the listings of any brokerage. The listing doesn’t have to be listed with my broker of BHG Gary Greene. I can show you homes listed with Remax and Coldwell Banker and Keller Williams. I can show you all of their listings plus all of the homes listed with Better Homes and Gardens Gary Greene.

Do real estate agents get paid for showing homes? No. Real estate agents do not get paid for showing homes. We hope to represent you as a buyer in the purchase of a Spring TX home. As a buyer’s agent we get paid when you close on a home. Read: Do you pay a a real estate if you are the buyer

Should you wait until an open house before you go view a house? No, absolutely not. Numerous homes go under contract without ever having an open house. If you go to an open house and you
say you love the house the agent who’s hosting the open house is required to share your thoughts with the seller. You could actually weaken your negotiation position by attending an open house. Instead schedule to view homes with the real estate agent who’s representing you.