What does NO Zoning in Spring Texas really mean?

Houston and its surrounding areas including Spring Texas have a no zoning ordinance. Zoning is when a community defines the type of real estate that may exist whether that be single family residential, multi-family residential, or commercial. No zoning ordinances allow the market to determine the type of real estate.

spring tx no zoning

In Spring TX, we still have ample vacant land available just waiting to be purchased by a developer to create a new subdivision or a new strip mall. During your decision to purchase a Spring TX home you need to pay careful attention to your surroundings. The unknown will negatively impact the resale value of your home. Sometimes its impact will be as much as heavy street noise, commercial building, cell phone towers, water plants, and apartment buildings.

Think twice before you purchase that new construction home that has a view of a farm or vacant land. There is no guarantee how long that farm or vacant land may remain. The unknown of what may be on that vacant land in the future could scare away potential buyers. The potential buyers do not want to take the risk of a peaceful view of a farm becoming a view of a McDonald’s. Think twice and become familiar with your surroundings to protect your home’s future resale value.

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