Deed Restrictions Dos and Don’ts

Spring Texas subdivisions deed restrictionsIf you are living in Spring Texas, you will find it hard to escape deed restrictions.  As about 99% of our Spring Texas subdivisions have deed restrictions. The existence of deed restrictions means you will have someone telling you what you can and can’t do to your yard and house.

I know not everyone is fond of deed restricitons but since there are no zoning laws in Spring Texas, deed restrictions are about the only way to protect your home’s value from your neighbors bad tastes.

Since you can’t get rid of deed restrictions, you might as well learn how to live with them.

Deed Restrictions Dos:

  • Do read the subdivision’s deed restrictions before you purchase a Spring Texas home.  If you don’t like the subdivision’s deed restrictions, you can terminate your real estate contract. Although, you must terminate the contract during the option period to avoid a penalty.
  • Do respond promptly to deed restriction violation notices. Ignoring the violation will not make it go away. It will only proceed to the next step which will be to turn the matter over to the lawyers. Once the lawyers are involved fees start racking up and your HOA is not going to kindly waive the fees for you.

Deed Restrictions Don’ts:

  • Don’t paint your fence to match your house.  Deed restrictions prohibit the painting of fences. Only a clear coat of varnish is allowed.
  • Don’t run a pet rescue home. Deed restrictions place a limit on the total number of pets and species you can have residing at your home.
  • Don’t turn your front yard into a tropical oasis. I know it may look great but check the deed restrictions first because they may specirfy only pines and oak trees in the front yard.
  • Don’t run an auto shop in your driveway.  Cars on blocks and in non-working condition is an eye sore in addition to being a deed restriction violation.