Spring Texas receives a property tax rate DECREASE!

I must say that just writing the words Property Tax Decrease is a little weird. But its true Klein school district in Spring TX approved a 32 cent property tax rate decrease from the 2006 rate for 2007.

Now 32 cents may not sound like a lot, but with the median home price of $160,000 in Spring TX it amounts to $512.00 a year.

klein school district property tax decreaseThese are the savings that Spring TX homeowners were promised by the State Legislation as a result of the School Finance Reform Law that was passed in 2006. The School Finance Reform Law reallocated the share of the burden of school funding between homeowners and the state for the state to pick up a larger share. This is the final year for the transition of the school property tax reform as it was to be transitioned in over a two year period that began in 2006.

Enjoy the decrease while you can because Klein school district has launched a bond study process. The study predicts that about 20,000 additional students will fill Klein school rooms in the next 10 years which translates into the need for additional schools to be built.

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