Start a family tradition … Picking out the Perfect Christmas Tree in Spring Texas

Some of my best holiday memories involve the traditions that my parents created for us. One of my favorite traditions was the going to pick out the Christmas Tree. We all bundled up, piled into our wood paneled station wagon and headed to a small Christmas Tree Farm to find THE PERFECT CHRISTMAS TREE.

We ran up and down the rows of Christmas trees looking for just the right one to display in our living room. We debated and debated until we agreed that we had found the perfect Christmas tree. We cut it down and tied it the roof of our wagon. Away we went to bring home our treasure. It was a wonderful tradition. One that we looked forward to each year. Christmas Tree Farm in Spring TX

You too can start a family tradition of going to pick out the perfect Christmas Tree. And no you do not have to drive an hour. Located in Spring Texas off of Spring Cypress and between Steubner Airline and Champion Forest is Old Time Christmas Tree Farm. The Farm has been in the owners family for over 100 years. The Old Time Christmas Tree Farm in Spring TX has around 30 acres of trees planted.

Bring the family and go up and down the rows of trees hunting for your perfect Christmas Tree. On the weekends after Thanksgiving, Santa will be waiting to hear your child’s wish list.

Before you leave the Farm with your perfect Christmas Tree, take the kids on the Farm’s free hayride. Start a new family tradition this year. Your children will treasure the memories.