Klein school district experiences 16% growth

Since the 2004 bond election, Klein, a fast growth school district in Spring Texas, has experienced 16% growth. And the district does not see the growth stopping. As they are projecting the growth to continue for the next 10 years at a rate of 4% a year. That means by 2016, Klein school district is expected to grow by over 17,600 students.

Where is all this growth coming from? Since the last bond election in 2004, approximately 98 new subdivisions and new sections in existing subdivisions have been built in the Klein school district. Since all of the previous bond funds have been spent or designated for current projects, the district has started exploring a new bond election.

A steering committee comprised of 110 members of the community, parents, teachers, students, and other district personnel have been meeting monthly since September 2007. In March of 2008, they will present thier recommendation to the Board of Trustees.

What does this mean to the homeowners who live in the Klein school district in Spring Texas? If the bond passes, a real estate tax increase is in our near future. How much? At this point it is to early to tell. But early projections are for $0.20 per every $100 assessed value to be issued in over the next four years.

Hopefully, the steering committee will be fiduciary responsible and develop a plan that will support our children’s education and yet be kind to our pocket books.

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