Spring TX Real Estate: Very Motivated Seller?

Again today, I saw another Spring TX home that is being advertised as VERY MOTIVATED SELLER. But what exactly is a very motivated seller? Is a motivated seller a seller that wants to sell? And if that is the definition aren’t the majority of sellers motivated?

Spring Texas Homes for SaleI can not say that all sellers are motivated. Because there are those sellers that say “if I can get the price I want for my home I will sell it and if I can’t I won’t”. Its easy to spot the homes with the non-motivated sellers. They are the overpriced and non-staged homes.

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Overpriced and non-staged homes help my buyers see the value in comparable Spring Texas homes. My buyers will make a decision quicker because they don’t want their choices to be limited to only the overpriced homes.

What benefit does the seller derive from having their home advertised as VERY MOTIVATED SELLER? Absolutely Nothing. Instead it is a detriment. Potential buyers believe that a very motivated seller is in a bad financial position which translates into buyers writing low offers. Whether that is the situation or not, it does not matter because that is what buyers believe.

In conclusion,

  • If you are a MOTIVATED SELLER, price your home correctly for the market and have it staged.
  • If you are a VERY MOTIVATED SELLER, price your home under market and have it staged.

These strategies will take your home from For Sale to SOLD.

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