Staging your Spring Texas home

When you place your home on the market it becomes a product and it is now competing with other products. In order to gain an edge in the marketplace and get top dollar for your Spring Texas home, your home must be priced right and look better than the competition.

Staging is an integral part in this process. The reason model homes and staged homes work is because it looks like someone lives there but no one in particular, which increases the potential pool of buyers.

The following are a list of pointers that will help you in staging your Spring Texas home:

  • Spring Texas staged homeRemove the clutter. No matter how many great elements are in the house, buyer’s eyes are drawn to the negative features. If they are greeted by clutter, they will tour the home with the perception that it is small and not well maintained. De-cluttering every room makes the house look and feel more spacious. Clutter eats equity.
  • Remove all religious items. You need to increase the number of potential buyers for the home by appealing to as many different lifestyles as possible.
  • Determine the function and focal point. Stand at the doorway of every room and look at the room through the eyes of a buyer. What do you see? What can you live without while your home is on the market? Every room should have one function. Avoid competing focal points such as a large entertainment center on a fireplace wall which creates an imbalance in the room.
  • Place the furniture. Match the size of the furniture with the size of the space. A large table in a small corner will make the room feel crowded. Place heavy over-sized furniture across the room from other large, heavy furniture for a well balanced feel. Keep heavy furniture away from doorways and entry sight lines. Bring furniture into the room rather than lining it up against the wall to create a more cozy feeling. Less is more. Too much furniture in a room makes it feel small and confining. When you can’t find the right spot for a piece of furniture it belongs in storage. Angle furniture in a small room to make it feel larger. Place furniture at an angle in an empty room to add variety and interest

Need more guidance? Don’t worry, I am a Certified Home Marketing Specialist and I have been trained to stage homes. As part of my service to you, we will go room by room and identify what can be done to stage your Spring Texas home to get you more money. Contact Jill Wente Realtor with Better Homes and Gardens Gary Greene at 281.804.8626.

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